Optimal Protection Complex

Grape Seed extract is a powerful complex of antioxidants that help maintain capillary health and has the ability to protect cells through the neutralization of free radicals to promote healthy circulation. The oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) found in abundance in grape seed extract are potent antioxidants.

The History of OPC

In 1948 French Scientists began research on applications for human health benefits with a remarkable nutrient now known as Original OPCs. Now after 50 years of extensive, continued research, we are proud to announce the publication of scientifically validated, Structure and Function Claims comply with U.S. DSHEA Regulations. What is so significant about the supporting studies on this super nutrient is that the body systems affected are among the most critical to human health. The publication of these claims is also noteworthy because they apply to an unprecedented spectrum of human health systems and conditions including but not limited to: cardiovascular system, circulatory system, skin health, leg health, eye health, sports-related benefits, anti-aging, and antioxidant benefits. It is indeed The Optimal Protections Complex.

Since the discovery of Original OPCs, hospitals, institutes, universities and medical practitioners have continuously studied and proven the wide spectrum health benefits attributed to this nutrient. That’s why we refer to it as Nature’s Super Nutrient.

This time could well be considered the richest, most productive period in the history of nutritional technology. Perhaps now more than ever before, scientists, researchers and marketers are utilizing the very best that nature offers in the quest to enhance natural healing. Accordingly, scientists, marketers and consumers alike are demanding scientific validation to substantiate product Integrity and to satisfy the complex legal requirements that surround products featuring structure and function claims.

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