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  1. J

    I want to let all the women that have PMS know this is the best thing I’ve ever had in my life it actually works the pain is gone thank you OPC I’ll be a customer for life

  2. H

    Dr told me needed to start taking my health more seriously asap or I wouldn’t be around much longer. My buddy told me to start taking this stuff and within a couple of days the first thing I noticed was so much energy. At first I thought he was even playing a trick on me or something . but reading the reviews on here that all pretty much explain how I feel I see now.. I’m 34 and when I get out of bed I was feeling old and beat down and broke. Took me awhile to get going .. Now I wake up before my alarm lol . I’m excited and alert. My mood seems better cause I guess I need less sleep. I’m definitely buying my own bottle now and probably staying on this forever. This stuff literally is the elixir of life

  3. ET

    I have been taking OPC for 6 months now and my allergies have improved so much. I haven’t had a headache in the last 4 months this stuff is great!

  4. BT

    OPC is amazing I can’t believe how much better I feel. Also my knees and lower back dosen’t hurt near as much I will be a customer for life!

  5. DG

    I recommend this product to anyone that wants a good immune system because whenever flu season came around all my friends got really sick and had to stay home but all I got was a simple runny nose. I take this product daily and I never have the body pains that my peers do. I am a very active person and I rarely get any bone injuries or hurt in that sort of way. I seriously recommend this product to anyone that wants a stronger body and immune system. It has changed my life and my family’s life for the better.

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